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Our system is broken. Racism is just as alive as it was when we were slaves. Only difference is we are slaves to our own ignorance. It’s not even a black vs white thing anymore. It’s class warfare. One group of people thinking they are better then another group of people because of their social and economic standing. God I don’t even know what to pray for this morning I’m so disgusted and angry. God I pray for justice. I pray for understanding. I pray for patience. I pray for peace. In #Jesus name, amen. #WAKEUP #WakeUp #WakeUp …. #LOVE❤️

I stay ready. As Christians we’re at spiritual warfare daily. That’s why it’s imperative that we stay physically healthy. So I’m in the gym training. Cause I’m taking the enemies head straight off daily! 👊 #GodsWarrior 👊

Stay focused on the finish line. Don’t look to the left or the right. And never look back! Stay the course as if your life depends on it because it does. Distraction is from the enemy. He knows what we like and what we lust after. It’s a never ending supply of rachetness to see and do daily. But we (Christians) mustn’t give in to temptation. Stay in God’s Word which is power to save and keep us. Incredible riches and pleasures are in the Word Of God! But we must lose our lives so we can find them in Christ. God take the scales off of the peoples eyes so they can recognize and understand that You are the only way to true life. Bless my enemies. Shower them with your incredible love. Give us this day our daily bread. Enlarge our territories. Give us peace. In #Jesus name, amen. #GM☀️ #MorningWord #MorningPrayer🙏 #StayFocusedOnTheGoalRecords #LOVE❤️

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